About Us

Jairaj Builders has been in the construction business for over 40 years, and the company has grown to be synonymous with quality production and assurance of delivery. With a dynamic work experience in real estate and expertise in latest techniques, the group has become one of the biggest names in construction in Pune. Jairaj Builders has a very simple mission - to provide the best and to deliver on that promise, which they have achieved time and again.

The group has also worked in partnership with some of the eminent builders in the country and has prominent construction projects to their credits. One of the many highlights in the group's construction history is 'Amanora Park Town', a 400-acre project that Jairaj Builders was an integral part of. In order to undertake similar large-scale infrastructural projects, the company formed Jairaj Developers as a partner firm.

Jairaj Builders has always had a long and successful association with many of Pune's promoters and builders. The group has completed various projects successfully in partnership with these promoters. Mr. Jayant H. Shah and Mr. Malav Shah are the primary promoters for Jairaj Builders in association with Mr. Jagdish Deshpande, an architect and promoter as well.

Here is a list of joint ventures by Jairaj Builders with some of the most renowned firms in the city:

City Corporation Ltd. headed by Mr. Lalit Adani

Gopani Iron & Power (India) Pvt. Ltd. headed by Mr. Gunwant Gopani

New Consolidated Construction Co. Pvt. Ltd. headed by Mr.Abbas Jasdanwalla

Sterling Developers headed by Mr. Shankar Sastri

Happy Homes headed by Mr. Naresh Chheda

Rohan Group headed by Mr. Suhas Lunkad

Gagan Group headed by Mr. Sanjay Shah

Pristine Properties headed by Mr. Ishwar K. Goyal

Panama Group headed by Mr. Gautam Ladkat

Kering Properties headed by Mr. Anand Kering